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First Interview

My first interview is now live at The Cult.  Come check it out here Advertisements

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The Contortionist’s Handbook review

Clevenger almost wound up as one of those guys I’d wish people would stop prattling on and on about. “So brilliant.” “Such a genius.” And I was so incredibly sick of hearing it. Dermaphoria was what I ended up cutting … Continue reading

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The Pitch article with corrections

Last Wednesday, I met up with a journalist from The Pitch, which in Kansas City terms, is sort of like our version of The Village Voice.  We had some drinks and pom frits (fancy fries) and talked about book stuff.  … Continue reading

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Candy review

When I pick up any book for the first time, I always open it to a random point in the middle and begin reading. I’ve done this for years, and it’s always served as an accurate gauge to the level … Continue reading

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World War Z review

This book is predicated upon showing the human element during the world’s war effort against the undead. It’s something specifically stated at the very beginning of the novel. Why this book fails is because it is a novel trying to … Continue reading

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From the upcoming Vanity collection, “Portraits” is up on Outsider Writers Collective: here

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