The Pitch article with corrections

Last Wednesday, I met up with a journalist from The Pitch, which in Kansas City terms, is sort of like our version of The Village Voice.  We had some drinks and pom frits (fancy fries) and talked about book stuff.  No tape recorder.  Nothing formal.  Just her asking probing questions about the last four years and me telling the story/giving anecdotes.  She admitted that she had not read any of the book, so I’m thinking this was more of an introductory sort of thing and that we would eventually meet up again. 

Not so.

Two days later the article goes up, and although she captured the spirit of things, I have to admit, I was a little shocked at the turnaround time.  I was also leaning on getting something in actual print, but as she would later explain to me, it would not likely happen for reasons unbeknownst to me.  I’m still not sure what constitutes print-worthy or not print-worthy.  Anyway…you can read the article here.

So let’s do the corrections:

  1. I’m quoted as saying “I don’t really have a niche.”  What I actually said was, “My stuff is very niche,” as in: it’s not commercial.
  2. In reference to the Chuck Palahniuk Anthology Contest, I’ve actually made finalist three times in six months, not eight.  That one might actually be a misstep by me due to too many beers.
  3. My second book, Vanity, will NOT be out later in 2010.  2011, at the earliest.  My agent needs to sell it first.
  4. Vanity is NOT a “keeping up with the Jones’s” story about a husband whose ex-wife’s credit-scorching shopping habits prompt him to hawk her designer handbags on street corners.  One of the stories is, yes, but that’s only a part of the larger work.
  5. My dog’s name is Dr. Croutons NOT Mr. Croutons.  Dr. Croutons is a girl and girls can be doctors.

So five varying mistakes in one little article.  That’s the risk you run when there’s no tape recorder, but I ain’t mad.  At the very least, I needed to set the record straight somewhere, though. 


Edit: The journalist  was nice enough to come by and correct a couple things.  Dr. Croutons’ good name has been restored!


About brandontietz

Brandon Tietz is the author of the novel, "Out of Touch," a transgressive take on nightlife, socialites, and sensory deficiency. He enjoys a well-poured vodka tonic, good conversation, and the musical stylings of Röyksopp. In April of 2010, Tietz signed with Otherworld Publications and is slated kick off their 2011 line-up. Currently, Tietz serves as one of the moderators of the Chuck Palahniuk Writers' Workshop and is working on his second book, a themed collection, entitled, "Vanity." His work can be seen on Lobster Cult Magazine and Outsider Writers Collective. He's also a three-time Chuck Palahniuk anthology finalist and a good kisser.
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